Inspire Your Inner Light Club

Do you want a dramatic life change to happen for you? Then join me for an inspired year of learning!

Introducing the Inspire Your Inner Light Club: This course is for people who would like a structured approach to using their Inner Light Guidance System (ILGS) in their lives while being on their path or discovering their divine path and purpose in life.

Presenting a powerful approach to get you using your ILGS and deeply connecting to a higher power in your life.

  • Inspire Your Inner LightHave you been using your ILGS sporadically and are now truly ready to take it to the next level?
  • Have you perceived your ILGS but haven’t figured out how to go from the knowledge you have within to using it daily?
  • Are you in need of an intuitive coach who knows what is going on with you on many different levels? One that can support you in making giant leaps forward in your life?

I created this program for people who want to or have been slowly working with their ILGS. Yes it is even for those who do not know how to use their ILGS but want to integrate it into their daily lives as a regular part of who they are. People who join this club will immensely benefit from both group and personal coaching to move their lives forward and want to do so in a sustainable way.

This program is an incredible journey for individuals who want to dramatically change their lives and move to a new level of interacting with the world and their purpose.

Inspire Your Inner LightEach month, you will receive 2 short reflective exercises and a guided meditation that will deepen your experience with your ILGS. You will be connected in a private Facebook Group where you can share with other participants and ask Moira questions throughout each month. We will also meet virtually once a month via computer on the evening of the third Thursday of each month – starting January 21st, 2016

What: 12 month program, bi-monthly exercises, monthly guided meditations, monthly virtual meetings, membership in a private Facebook group to help support your journey.

Where: These monthly meetings happen over a video meeting platform and will be recorded. All recordings will be made available to you to download and review.

Included eBooks: The Letting Go eBook and the Inner Peace eBook – both eBooks will give you powerful tips and motivation for you to use to experience how to use your ILGS every day.

Inspire Your Inner Light Club includes:

  • Two powerful ILGS practices and exercises a month
  • One guided meditation audio each month
  • Membership in a private Facebook group for asking questions and sharing wins and challenges
  • One group live session per month (on video and recorded)
  • All group sessions, eBooks, guided meditations and mp3 recordings are included

What you will discover:

  • Integrate your ILGS into who you are. Naturally using it on a daily basis.
  • Learn from others in an intimate group setting how the ILGS is used in many, many different life purposes
  • Discover how to follow your very own unique path to living your life’s purpose
  • Understand how the ILGS is a compass, not an on/off switch or a yes/no system… it’s your personal valve to control energy flow
  • Use your ILGS to guide your thinking in relationship to positivity
  • Follow your ILGS toward fulfillment and success in various situations that are currently challenging you
  • Move through life long patterns with ease and guidance from your ILGS
  • Reprogram your mind to generate and follow opening thoughts
  • Improve your relationships and the quality of your life dramatically
  • Discover how to increase what you attract to you by gaining insight into your spiritual core and beingness.

I really want to make this inspirational and transformational club available to as many people as possible which is why I have set the price at $47 per month BUT if you sign up before January 15th, 2016, you can lock in for $27 per month!!

All you need to do now is to click on the button below to set up your recurring payment of $27 per month and I will be in touch real soon.