Soul Manifesting Blueprint Reading

Soul Manifesting Blueprint Reading


We are all competent manifestors. We may not think we are, but truth is, we make choices constantly and every one of those choices has some sort of consequence, which is manifesting and creating in action. But as this process is mostly unconscious, we don’t always know how we are creating what we create or why manifesting doesn’t always seem to work out the way we think it should.

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When we understand how we are uniquely designed for manifesting, then we can step fully into being conscious creators of what we desire.

When our physical life is in mis-alignment with our Divine Self-expression, with who we truly are, our access to Vital Force Energy becomes restricted. Vital Force Energy is what drives Creation. It’s the force that created us and it is what enables us to live in these physical bodies we are in. It also gives us Creative Power.

When we learn to shift our vibrational state into closer alignment with our Divine Self-expression, through new action over time, we increase the level of Vital Force Energy available to us and in this way we can increase our creative power.

So… What Positive Changes Do You Wish To Create?

This reading will help you to understand your Soul’s Manifesting Blueprint – how you were perfectly designed and created as a Soul – and how you can align your course of action with your Blueprint in order to create what you truly wish for.

In a Soul Manifesting Blueprint Reading, we have a look at what you desire to create in your life and from there we lay out a 3-step plan of action for your manifesting process:

  • Getting clear on, refining and setting your intentions.
  • Shifting your vibrational state into alignment with your desired outcome through new action over time.
  • Creating what you want to create by attracting a new result that is in alignment with your new vibrational state.

A Soul Manifesting Blueprint Reading can be the beginning of a new and impactful journey of self-discovery – to understand, at a deep Soul-level, how you can be the
powerful Creator of Your Reality.

Tarot Readings for Counselling, Clarity, Intuition, BusinessWhen you understand your Manifesting Blueprint – your own unique and perfect design for manifesting – you will have a very clear picture of how you are designed to experience your Divinity through Creating in this human, third-dimensional playground.

By understanding how you are uniquely designed to manifest, you will also be able to recognize when you are not in alignment with your Blueprint and your manifesting is not creating what you desire. You can then consciously adjust your manifesting process to more fully align with your Divine Self-expression. You are now a conscious creator!

How can a Soul Manifesting Blueprint benefit you?

Your Soul Blueprint will reveal all areas of your life where you can consciously manifest new and more positive outcomes. Whenever you wish to get started on something new, you will have a greater awareness of how to do this in a way which is aligned with your soul. Specifically, your Soul Manifestation Blueprint will enable you to:

  • Attract positive and fulfilling relationships
  • Experience greater health and well-being
  • Tap into your creativity and find inspiration
  • Succeed at whatever intentions you set yourself
  • Manifest wealth or business success

By gaining a deeper understanding of which level your soul operates on, you will learn how to create new intentions and how to manifest them through your thoughts and actions. With this knowledge, every single area of your life can be improved by manifesting what your soul desires.

What can you expect from a Soul Manifestation Blueprint session?

  • Prior to your reading I will access your Akashic Records to check to see how aligned your present life is to your soul’s blueprint.
  • Your Soul Manifestation reading can be done in-person, by phone or by Skype (phone and Skype sessions are recorded and the audio recording sent to you).
  • Together we will review the seven unique aspects that allow you to consciously manifest what you create and have show up in your life, it will provide insight about where you are now, in comparison to where you’d like to be.


(If you would like to continue working with me to create your desired reality, you can purchase a 3 session package by choosing the “The Core You & Beyond” session package option.)

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