Tarot Readings for Counselling, Clarity, Inspiration, Business

Tarot Reading for Counselling, Clarity, Inspiration, Business

What is a Tarot Card reading and how does it work?

Card readings can be used as a tool to explore issues and circumstances in your life requiring guidance. Everything that is happening on the outside of your life is a reflection in some way of your inner life.

An intuitive card reader will work on an energetic vibrational level tuning in to the client, their aura, their energy pattern and the universal consciousness / field of potentiality, where all is known.

Tarot Readings for Counselling, Clarity, Intuition, BusinessQuantum physics tells us that time is past, present and future combined . Time is a man made concept kept by a watch ! Our ancestors rose with the sun and slept at sundown. They searched for their food, hunted, cooked, told stories, made clothes and lived according to the times, the land and seasons.

Intuitive readings are exactly that – reading the signs and interpreting them as they apply to your life. Intuition relies on clear – seeing, otherwise known as clairvoyance, and clear – feeling, or clairsentience. Intuition also relies on clear knowing – sometimes called claircognizance and clear – hearing, also known as clairaudience. We all have intuitive abilities and carry the keys to our own answers on our individual journeys.

An intuitive card reader is merely a supportive assistant, there to help you interpret the cards chosen and their personal meaning for you as they relate to your life.

In this service intuitive readings are carried out using the following cards :

– Tarot Cards
– Angel cards
– Intuitive Cards


Readings are available in 30, 60, and 90 minute sessions at reasonable prices. Get just the amount of time you need – whether it’s a couple of quick questions or several in-depth questions.

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Clients come to me for a variety of reasons. They could be seeking advice  on business or personal decisions, getting guidance on relationships or dating, or shedding light on future or current situations.

I have helped clients worldwide gain clarity and insight with professional card readings.

These readings are offered worldwide either over the telephone or via Skype. In-person card readings are available if you are in the Ottawa or Burnstown and surrounding areas

Wherever you are in the world, we can bring clarity to your life!

In addition to personal and business card readings, I also provide professional card readings for parties, staff retreats, speaking engagements or other corporate events.

To learn more about card readings or to reserve an appointment, contact me today… read on to find out how you can request a reading right now.

Thank you Moira for the awesome card reading… You tuned in right away and gave such an accurate assessment of current circumstances.

I really appreciated your insight and gentle, encouraging advice. 

Vikki MacKinnon



I offer professional live tarot readings in person or via telephone/Skype. I have over 25 years of experience, and I do ALL readings with an actual deck of cards, my own two hands, and a loving heart.

My readings, are NEVER software generated. I love technology – BUT but humans are still better at a number things. Software generated readings – although faster are definitely no substitute for the real thing.

Live readings are generally booked to happen within 1-3 days of payment.
When ordering any reading session please ensure that you add my email address to your safe list so that I can contact you.

If your reading requires any additional information – there will be a “message” section on the payment screen where you may include that information.

If you have any questions about my services and how they work you are more than welcome to contact me and I will answer your questions for you.

Benefits of a Live Reading:

  • I offer flexible scheduling and will work with you to find a time that works best for both of us.
  • Live readings are more personal and fully customized to meet your unique needs and situation.
  • Live readings allow for more in-depth readings that can cover many areas in one session.
  • I offer live readings through Skype or telephone… this allows me to create an mp3 recording for you to review later on.
  • Live readings give clients the opportunity to ask for clarification and additional questions if they come up.
  • Live readings allow me a deeper connection with you, giving me the opportunity to share additional intuitive insights as they come to me.


With Moira’s compassion and nurturing, I can truly say I have come a long way baby! I have evolved into a woman of compassion and inner strength that has been waiting for so long to be set free!

Thank you Moira for seeing in me what I could not.



Learn More… or purchase a live reading now.

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